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2021-11-22 • 9 minute video

"What you’re exceptionally good at is helping a financial professional capture an episode like that and turn it into an intellectual property that can be invested into other relationships. So it’s not just about them having the goods, but having the technical ability."

In this excerpt from the Always On with Duncan MacPherson podcast, Duncan and Chris Jeppesen discuss how you can be capture stories to invest in other relationships and the impact that can have.

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2021-11-19 • 20 second read

The difference is this: Always appeal to what someone wants and how you will get them there – they’ve helped a friend meet you because your process will address their needs – not because they wanted to “bring you more business.” Their ‘why’ aligns with your ‘how’, and that takes out any form of salesmanship and fuels everything with stewardship.

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2021-11-17 • 20 second read

Ep. 5: Outsourcing Your Wealth Management with Chris Garcia

What does an advisor of the future look like? How can you adjust your process and team to elevate the client experience?

In this episode, I have a conversation with Chris Garcia, CEO of the Azimont. We discuss Chris’ journey to building a successful Franchise Ready practice. How his focus on people, his practice, and his process have contributed to continued growth while elevating his client experience and referability.

Join me and guest Chris Garcia by clicking here:

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2021-11-16 • 20 second read

Have you considered your exit strategy and the enterprise value of your business? In this interview with Ted Jenkin, Co-CEO and founder of oXYGen Financial author and intergenerational wealth expert, we discuss how Advisory Practices have been undervalued, and how the world of private equity is changing the game in terms of their enterprise value. Click to read more on LinkedIn

2021-11-15 • 9 minute video

Have you considered your exit strategy and the enterprise value of your business? In this interview with Ted Jenkins, Co-CEO and founder of oXYGen Financial, author and intergenerational wealth expert, we discuss how Advisory Practices have been undervalued, and how the world of private equity is changing the game in terms of the enterprise value of their practices.

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2021-11-12 • 20 second read

For a professional whose solutions are not tangible, and the benefits of which can be delayed, it is essential to create a client experience that de-commoditizes your services – and a process that communicates those benefits clearly.

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2021-11-11 • 20 second read

Episode 4: What It Means To Be An Advisor Of The Future With Tyson Ray

What does it mean to be an advisor of the future? How can advisors become more productive over the next 10 years? What is your approach to client relationships?

In this episode, I am joined by Tyson Jon Ray CFP®, CIMA®, CEO of FORM Wealth. We cover a lot of ground including how to achieve professional contrast and how to activate future pacing as a goals-based planner with your clients, but also looking down the road at the evolution of this industry. Tyson shares details about FORM Wealth’s process and how they approach client relationships. Plus, Tyson explains what makes him and FORM Wealth different.

Join me and guest, Tyson Ray, by clicking here:

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2021-11-11 • 1 minute read

Lest We Forget our veterans and all those who fell for the freedoms we are able to enjoy today…

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2021-11-09 • 20 second read

Episode 3: Why You Should Be Podcasting With Matt Halloran

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson is joined by Matt Halloran of ProudMouth about the merits of podcasting and why financial service professionals should consider adding it to their marketing and branding efforts.

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2021-11-09 • 20 second read

Have you defined your ideal client? If you haven’t, or even if you have, ask yourself these questions: Are you telling the world you’re not all things to all people? Are you positioned as all things to some people? Do you narrow-cast rather than broadcast? Do you activate professional scarcity and encourage people to belong to your small, desirable community?

The first step in building a real value proposition is to define what an ideal client is. Your ideal client is a triple-A client when their assets align with your expertise; attitudinally, the relationship is compatible for the long-term; and they’re not just clients, they’re active advocates for your value and for the people they care about.

I trust you have a triple A ideal client profile and that you stick to it, but let’s make that profile client-facing. In other words, if I were to ask you “what do you do?” I’d like you to say something like... Click here to read full article on LinkedIn

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