From Advisor to CEO
Includes Q&A - with Duncan
Tuesday, December 13th at 12 pm ET
There is a shift happening right now, where advisors are dusting off old habits and mindsets, and achieving new levels of growth. Join Duncan MacPherson, in this actionable webinar, as he discusses his experiences with advisors transitioning from their traditional role to CEO.
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2022-11-04 • 20 second read

In client relationships, trust is not something that “just happens” over time. You have to intentionally build it. Eventually, that trust leads to client advocacy. In this episode of Always On, you will learn how to enhance your relationship management and instill strong trust in your existing clients.

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2022-11-03 • 2 minute read

The Evolution and Elevation of the Financial Professional with Thane Stenner

The Japanese have a concept called Kaizen, which means “constant and never-ending improvement.”

If you want to become the advisor of the future and avoid a growth plateau, it’s important to strive for Kaizen.

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson speaks with Thane Stenner, CIM®, FCSI®, senior portfolio manager and senior wealth advisor at Stenner Wealth Partners. They share proven strategies to engineer professional contrast and achieve constant growth.

They discuss: 

  • The evolution of the financial industry from transactional to relationship-focused
  • How he grew his business by reducing the number of clients
  • How to mold the way your clients articulate your value to their network
  • Every reason to be at the front of the change curve (even if it means making mistakes) 
  • And more

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2022-11-02 • 20 second read

There is an old maxim that states that, "Marketing is what you say; branding is what they hear." At a basic level, marketing helps you sell something, while branding helps you build something. Marketing typically involves stand-alone campaigns and strategies that have a beginning and an end. Branding is ongoing and every investment into your professional branding strategy builds upon itself, and can become a proprietary asset over time.

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2022-11-01 • 2 minute read

An excellent example of future pacing is how a fee-for-service financial provider can enable a client to expand their thinking by looking far down the road and re-imagining how the trajectory of the relationship will impact them. Take a typical first generation, self-made affluent client who sets a goal to become financially independent. They follow the advice of their financial professional, stay…

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2022-10-31 • 2 minute video

In this excerpt from episode 30 of the ‘Always On with Duncan MacPherson’ podcast, guest Mike Cy and Duncan discuss how top advisors are separating themselves from the advisor down the street and continually elevating above and beyond client expectations.

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2022-10-28 • 20 second read

Book a recurring meeting with yourself for an hour every day to work ON your business and yourself. Rather than just reacting to your schedule of appointments and tasks, and then using whatever is left over on “other things”, deliberately allocate a slot from, say, 3 to 4 pm every day to tune out the world and stop letting the business run you. Run the business. View this appointment with as much importance as any other meeting with a client and show this initiative off to the world.

This is an excerpt from ‘The Blue Square Method’. Download Chapter 1 for free here::

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2022-10-27 • 20 second read

For a professional whose solutions are not tangible, and the benefits of which can be delayed, it is essential to create a client experience that de-commoditizes your services – and a process that communicates those benefits clearly.

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2022-10-26 • 20 second read

The goal with branding is to demystify your value so that everyone who interacts with you understands and appreciates your value fully and completely. You can communicate and demonstrate your value, differentiate your value and capitalize on your value. When you consider the productivity spectrum, starting with maintenance for what you have, all the way to attracting what you want, addressing the gaps in relationship management might shock you in terms of the degree of impact it has.

This is an excerpt from Duncan’s new book, ‘The Blue Square Method’, that he wrote with co-author Chris Jeppesen. Download Chapter 1 for free:

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2022-10-25 • 2 minute read

Ultimately, what a comprehensive branding strategy does is create trust with a prospective client and then maintain it over the long haul once they become a client. Sharpie has accomplished that very well. For a prospective client, your branding strategy activates their critical thinking and ignites their emotions. They see that you could address an unmet need that has developed - or it creates contrast relative to an existing service provider they have grown tired of, and any others they are meeting with to kick their tires…

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2022-10-20 • 20 second read

The Advisor of the Future with Mike Cajthaml Jr.

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson talks to Mike Cajthaml Jr, business consultant at Pareto Systems. They share strategies to create professional contrast as the financial industry becomes increasingly commoditized....

Listen now at the link below..

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