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2021-12-23 • 20 second read

Always On with Duncan MacPherson Podcast - In this episode, I speak with Chris Jeppesen, chief of advisory practices, at First Trust. We talk about why multi-family offices (MFOs) are becoming increasingly relevant, and how this holistic wealth management approach helps advisors accelerate their growth (both personally and professionally).

Chris and I discuss:
● The ideal number of clients you should serve to elevate your client experience
● Three questions to help you determine if an MFO model is right for you
● What it means to build a “brand within a brand” — and how it benefits you
● The pursuit of self-actualization for today’s advisors
● And more

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2021-12-22 • 20 second read

When you de-personalize your business by going beyond raw talent and instead focus on your ongoing and progressive process, you can evolve from a production mindset to an asset mindset. Your business can be worth far more than it is today.

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2021-12-21 • 2 minute read

We’ve all heard the concept that you are only as good as your weakest link. And, when it comes to the knowledge-for-profit practice of Financial Advisors, those servicing your clients have a profound impact on how your clients perceive you and your entire practice. So, if everyone on your team isn’t totally on board and motivated to help you achieve your vision, then you aren’t fully maximizing your team...

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2021-12-20 • 8 min video

In this excerpt from the Always On with Duncan MacPherson podcast, guest Tyson Ray, discusses how he developed his process incorporating his clients goals and mission.

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2021-12-17 • 20 second read

There is an old maxim that states that, "Marketing is what you say; branding is what they hear." At a basic level, marketing helps you sell something, while branding helps you build something. Marketing typically involves stand-alone campaigns and strategies that have a beginning and an end. Branding is ongoing and every investment into your professional branding strategy builds upon itself, and can become a proprietary asset over time.

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2021-12-16 • 20 second read

Competitor-proofing and countering loyalty fatigue has to be ongoing throughout the lifetime of a client relationship. Making your process and value clear to a client through your relationship management process insures you won’t disappear in a sea of sameness - or find yourself suddenly replaced because a drifting client decided to “try something new.”

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2021-12-15 • 20 second read

Incrementalism transcends personal development and affects how you strengthen client relationships. It would be nice if you could take a relationship to a higher level quickly, but that’s not how things work. Solid client relationships are based on trust, and trust is earned over time, based on your credentials and chemistry but also because of your consistency and congruency. Your consistent communication compounds over time.

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2021-12-14 • 20 second read

Consider demographic forces. How many people in your sector are five years or less from an exit and have no continuity or succession plan? How many businesses are looking for options as unexpected market forces come into play? This week’s article discusses the importance of incorporating succession planning into your process and the benefits it can have on both you and your clients....

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2021-12-13 • 4 min video

"If you have no succession plan, your family will remember you, just not fondly..."

In this excerpt from the Always On with Duncan MacPherson podcast, Duncan and Tom Deans discuss the importance of having a succession plan in place and the impact it can have on your family.

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2021-12-13 • 20 second read

What are the qualities of your favorite clients? The answer probably isn’t anything centered on business only - on assets and profitability. Their personality traits, their respect for you and your team and their proactive advocacy will stand out. It’s never only assets – attitude and advocacy are just as important.

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