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2022-06-13 • 20 second read

In this excerpt from episode 21 of the ‘Always On with Duncan MacPherson’ podcast my guest Denise Logan and I discuss why a financial professional has to take their own exit plan seriously.

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2022-06-10 • 20 sec

Until today, you might have thought of multiple reasons to NOT create your exit plan now.

Well, here’s one solid reason why you should start planning your business exit as early as possible!

Stream the full episode of Always On with Duncan MacPherson where business transition expert Denise Logan shares her best advice to overcome the biggest barriers to selling a business by clicking the link below:

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2022-06-09 • 20 second read

Looking to Your Liquidity Event with Denise Logan

Every business owner will leave their business one day, voluntarily or involuntarily. It’s only a matter of WHEN, not IF.

So, it’s important to start planning for this inflection point well ahead of time — both technically and emotionally.

In this episode, I speak with Denise Logan, business transition expert, professional speaker, and best-selling author of The Seller’s Journey.

Denise explains how you can help clients overcome the emotional barriers to selling a business while simultaneously preparing for your own exit.

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2022-06-08 • 20 second read

There is an old maxim that states that, "Marketing is what you say; branding is what they hear." At a basic level, marketing helps you sell something, while branding helps you build something. Marketing typically involves stand-alone campaigns and strategies that have a beginning and an end. Branding is ongoing and every investment into your professional branding strategy builds upon itself, and can become a proprietary asset over time.

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2022-06-07 • 20 second read

If you think about a twenty-minute conversation with a great client, you talk about their Family, Occupation, Recreation and Money. The first three relate to why financial independence is important to your clients. The last item speaks to how you get them there…

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2022-06-06 • 20 second read

In this excerpt from episode 20 of the ‘Always On with Duncan MacPherson’ podcast my guests Julia Norman, Tom Deans and I discuss taking a collaborative approach to the Family Meeting.

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2022-06-01 • 20 second read

You want to speak to a specific hook that grabs someone’s attention. Again, it’s not what you say but rather what they hear that matters. Your hook has to speak more to what your clients want rather than what it is you do.

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2022-05-31 • 20 second read

I just want to point out - and again, it happened this morning - but I noticed a trend that more financial professionals are, among other things, trying to achieve red-line and plateau avoidance. Everyone’s working hard, but they’re trying to unlock another level of professional contrast, productivity, and grow further up market….

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2022-05-27 • 20 sec

One of the best ways to enhance your value proposition is by collaborating with fellow professionals.

Learn how you can make estate planning for clients highly process-driven and collaborative in this new episode of Always On with Duncan MacPherson by clicking the link below:

Always On with Duncan MacPherson  

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2022-05-26 • 20 second read

How To Fulfill Your Clients’ Deepest Estate Planning Needs with Julia Norman and Tom Deans

Do you know what’s keeping your clients up at night? For a lot of them, it’s the absence of an estate plan. In other words, what happens to their hard-earned wealth when they pass away?

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson speaks with Julia Norman, associate lawyer at Pushor Mitchell LLP, and Tom Deans, Ph.D., intergenerational wealth expert, speaker, and best-selling author of “Every Family’s Business” and “Willing Wisdom.” They explain how advisors can re-imagine estate planning for their clients to ensure a stress-free wealth transfer that minimizes future family conflicts.

Stream this episode by clicking here

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