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Pareto Coaches Network SPOTLIGHT - Robyne Zimmerman
2019-03-14 • 2 minute read

Implement the process, and the results will come.

From one of my trusted consultants Robyne Zimmerman:

"An email from my client read:

We want to personally thank you for all your efforts, as we are definitely enjoying the results from the whole Pareto process. It must give you great satisfaction for making a big difference with the many teams you have coached over the years.

I really do get satisfaction from having such a big impact with the teams I work with. Our major focus when engaging with our clients is implementation. When I can help my clients to implement, the results come, each and every time. To hear feedback like this is great validation for the process, but it’s the clients that are doing the heavy lifting and who are the major reason they are seeing their success.

It puts a smile on my face knowing that the work we do really does make a difference in their lives and in their office. Not many people can say that about a job that they do - that they're able to really make a difference. It's not a job for a job sake. I thrive on it. I love it and it makes it all worthwhile.”

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