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2021-05-06 18:33:11 • 3 min video

The language you use is a major contributing factor in whether your top clients introduce their friends and family members to you, or merely just endorse you to them. There is a difference.

2021-05-04 19:14:20 • 4 min video

Even if your clients want to refer you, if they don’t know how and why, they’ll spend their time endorsing you to people who you may never meet. Here’s how you turn those endorsements into introductions.

2021-04-29 16:57:57 • 6 min video

Elevate the client experience by transitioning to a process driven environment and shift from organic to scalable growth. In this episode, Duncan provides valuable insight into overcoming the ‘red-zone’ of scalable growth to building a truly franchise ready business. 

2021-04-27 18:39:02 • 3 min video

How do you help your clients communicate your value to others so that you actually receive qualified referrals? Hint: It’s not by communicating your minimum asset level. 

2021-04-22 19:28:05 • 4 min video
What does a seller want? - The most attractive business you can buy is from an advisor who wants three things; liberation, legacy, and liquidity. Liberation means you're going to liberate them to go live their lives…
2021-04-15 16:26:19 • 4 min video

If your clients don’t know who your ideal client is, they can’t recommend someone who is a good fit. If they don’t know how to make an introduction to you, they won’t. Communication is key and having a defined process and ideal client profile makes you more referable.

2021-04-08 18:11:00 • 15 min

The wonderful women behind ID will be presented "How to Look Your Best in Virtual Meetings" at last month’s "The Women Are Here!" Virtual Summit. Watch the replay here!

2021-04-06 20:58:49 • 29 minutes

Missed last month's "The Women Are Here!" Virtual Summit? Watch the recording of Marci Fried's presentation "Your Vision, Your Practice" with Kristina Miller here!

2021-04-01 17:05:51 • 17 min video

In this video, an excerpt from The Women Are Here! eSummit that was broadcasted on March 24th, 2021, Elaine discusses how to up your influence with Jackie Wilke of First Trust Portfolios. 

2021-03-30 18:08:38 • 24 min video

Missed last week’s “The Women Are Here!” Virtual Summit? Here is the recording of Pareto Systems Business Consultant Sherri Palles’ presentation “Women in Leadership – Transitions and Differences” which features an interview of a great client of hers, Marcia Anton of Anton Financial. 


2021-03-25 16:46:03 • 7 min video

Join Duncan as he discusses the impact of repositioning your ‘Review Meetings’ into 'Strategy and Tactical Meetings' where you invest the past into the future and make it an extension of your overarching process.


2021-03-23 17:43:56 • 7 min video

In this episode, Duncan discusses the importance and usefulness that video can have in your business. Video acts as an initial connection point to get to know you better and helps to address and answer the sort of unspoken questions that viewers may have.

Looking to incorporate high quality video into your practice? Check out our friends at Idea Decanter who can help you prepare, shoot and edit video to professionally convey your messaging:

2021-03-18 16:38:38 • 7 min

Gratitude is the foundation for your goals and aspirations and vision for the future.

In this episode Duncan discusses how, as advisors work through the current chaos, there's a golden opportunity to grow down and go upmarket.


2021-03-16 18:24:29 • 5 min video

Drive advocacy, competitor proof your clients, capture money in motion.

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2021-03-11 18:02:30 • 3 min video

You have some top clients who refer you by their nature, and others who can be nurtured to do the same. Is your process clear and understood by your potential rainmakers?

2021-03-09 19:29:20 • 3 min video

How do you increase the number of introductions you see from top clients? Remove the mystery!

2021-03-04 20:29:01 • 4 min video

Your core competency and professional skills are top-notch, though there are always some areas for improvement. In fact, you may have gotten out of the wealth management business and in the classic sense because you've outsourced so much of that. You've evolved from a mindset of ‘households and holdings’ to platforms, processes and models that can be replicated. That’s all good, but what now is your unique IP? What sets you apart?

2021-03-02 18:15:52 • 8 min video

Are you ready for a Renaissance? In this video Duncan MacPherson discusses the major opportunity we have right now for up-market growth for those professionals not misled with complacency or struggling under capacity limits.

2021-02-25 18:40:49 • 8 min video

Join Duncan as he delves into why you need to know how your clients communicate your value beyond just waving your flag, and how they can they motivate somebody to feel compelled to take action. Because as easy as it is for a prospective client to meet you, it's always easier not to.

2021-02-18 19:06:02 • 7 min video

There are four critical stages to building the enterprise value of your business. In this video, Duncan discusses these stages, and developing a process around them that you and your team can execute on.

2021-02-16 20:44:27 • 4 min video

The teams we work with are typically in one of these three groups: coasting, cresting and climbing. The franchise-ready advisor is a member of the third group who has mastered organic growth and positioned their enterprise for scalable growth through acquisition.

2021-02-11 20:56:14 • 8 min video

Referrals come from communication - reminding clients, talking about it - but in a way that's positioned professionally, that is the gateway between endorsement and introduction. Join Duncan as he discusses how the Rule of 52 applies in a financial advisory practice and the impact it can have on the rate of referrals the firm receives.

2021-02-09 20:34:14 • 4 min video

Creating advocates with your existing clients is critical to your organic growth strategy. Join Duncan as he discusses a process to reframe your existing client relationships, fast-tracking advocacy, while giving your clients the tools to communicate your value to friends and family members.

2021-02-04 18:16:00 • 5 min video

Watch as Duncan suggests the best way to take care of your team, and your clients, is to take care of yourself.

2021-02-02 20:29:07 • 3 min video

Join Duncan as he explains the difference between organic and scalable growth and how the synergy of the two can impact and enhance the client experience.

2021-01-28 21:59:56 • 5 min video

What are your goals for this year? How can you achieve them? Watch as Duncan dives deeper into his STRATEGIC Framework and discusses incorporating technology and increasing enterprise value.

2021-01-26 19:21:01 • 8 min video

What do we stand for? What do we hope to accomplish this year? In this video, Duncan discusses the first step in his STRATEGIC Framework, your Strategic Summary, and by how with starting with the end in mind you can develop a plan that focuses on what matters the most.

2021-01-21 20:34:28 • 4 min video

Goal setting and developing a plan to achieve those goals can sometimes be a daunting task. Join Duncan as he provides insights on how to accomplish both tasks effectively so you’re not asking yourself "how will I accomplish my goals?"

2021-01-19 20:32:33 • 7 min video

Watch as Duncan provides actionable strategies to help you not only survive, but thrive in 2021.

This video is an excerpt from a recent webinar: Strategic Planning for 2021. To watch the full webinar visit:

2021-01-14 20:20:05 • 3 min video

Join Duncan as he discusses how important the mentor, Protégé dynamic can be to help overcome obstacles and get you to the next level.

2021-01-12 18:37:34 • 7 minute video

Create capacity for future growth.

In this episode Duncan speaks to viewing the current downtime as a mixed blessing and an opportunity to refine and optimize your processes by taking your Strategy and Tactical Meetings online.

2021-01-07 20:35:25 • 5 min video

In this episode Duncan suggests that anxiety is born in the place between expectation and reality. Losing yourself in your work can help you find your purpose and your calling and that honoring your nature and nurturing your qualities will lead to the best of your possible ability.

2021-01-05 21:32:25 • 6 min video

Don't just make your clients the voice you listened to, make your team the voice as well. Understanding how you're perceived and how your value is articulated by everybody on your team can help you raise the client experience and increase your rate of referrals.

2020-12-18 21:54:35 • 4 min video

Your business should serve your life, not the other way around. Join Duncan as he discusses shifting from organic to scalable growth to become a franchise ready firm that’s professionalized and process-driven.

WEBINAR INVITATION: “Are you Franchise Ready? A Process for Scalable Growth” Join Duncan for this informative Go-to-Webinar webcast where he will discuss how to become a franchise ready advisor. Click to register free

2020-12-16 18:03:43 • 4 min video

There is an opportunity during this time of uncertainty to refine and optimize your processes to elevate the client experience. In this video, Duncan discusses how you can elevate the client experience while at the same time reframing your best relationships to help drive advocacy and empowerment.

2020-12-10 21:31:42 • 4 min video

Having key philosophies is one of the commonalities of the very best, and it's not just about what they think, but also how they think and how they view the world. In this episode, Duncan speaks to how having a philosophy that's galvanized and unshakeable, so that no degree of outside influence can steer you into a different path is core for top professionals today.

To take a deeper dive into the concepts Duncan discusses, check out the Blue Square Method, designed for busy professionals and their teams, who want to take their client relationships to the next level: Click here

2020-12-08 21:05:37 • 4 min video

How you're perceived, how you’re described and how you articulate value, are all ways to differentiate yourself and achieve professional contrast helping you to stand out from crowd.

To take a deeper dive into the concepts Duncan discusses, check out the Blue Square Method, designed for busy professionals and their teams, who want to take their client relationships to the next level, CLICK HERE

2020-12-03 19:50:34 • 5 min video

Get clarity on your gaps so that you can focus on what's really proprietary in your business. Enhance your professional contrast and ensure you are positioned for scalable growth.

To take a deeper dive into the concepts Duncan discusses, check out the Blue Square Method, designed for busy professionals and their teams, who want to take their client relationships to the next level:

2020-11-24 18:55:44 • 9 minute video

The path to self-actualization, and the best version of ourselves, requires adversity for what it makes of us.

In this episode of the Blue Square Video Series, Duncan suggests you have to start evolving your messaging because, as each day of this volatility goes by, you can't just say exactly the same thing.

Visit the Pareto Systems Knowledge Base for videos, scripts and templates to help you evolve your messaging:

2020-11-19 20:10:37 • 10 min video

Join Duncan as he provides actionable strategies to help you finish 2020 strong and position yourself for a great 2021! By focusing your efforts on the 20% clients who helped generate 80% of your business, and ratcheting up your service matrix, you will differentiate yourself from the crowd and convert clients into referral generating advocates.

WEBINAR INVITATION: Strategic Planning for 2021 – Dec 3rd at 2:10pm ET
Join Duncan for this actionable webinar, as he discusses the steps to take with your team to make a strategic plan an integral part of your business and an invaluable reference point that won’t be filed away and forgotten. Click here for complimentary registration 

Can't make it? Don't worry, register anyway and we will give you access to the recording.

2020-11-17 20:05:15 • 6 minute video

In this episode of the Blue Square Video series Duncan discusses how, when markets are under stress, opportunities to grow and refine your business exist for advisors who are proactive.

He also mentions how rewarding it is to hear from our past and current clients and the impact the work we have done together has impacted them and their business!

For access to videos, scripts and templates to help you be your clients’ voice of reason check out the Pareto Systems Knowledge Bank:

2020-11-12 20:06:03 • 6 minute video

You are at your highest level of refer-ability right now! Talking to your clients about what's going on right now helps them understand how strong your people, practice and process really are, and what it represents in terms of the value you provide.

To subscribe to Brian Westbury's Monday Morning Outlook, and other timely market commentary, head over to or contact your First Trust Wholesaler to learn more…

2020-11-05 17:48:37 • 10 minute video

Support, sift and strengthen your client relationships to focus on commonalities of your client's interests, beyond just money and the technical, to truly stand out from the pack and be their voice of reason.

Visit the Pareto Systems Knowledge Bank to access videos, scripts and templates that will help you focus on your clients' interest and be their voice of reason:

2020-11-03 19:41:15 • 2 minute video

Relationship Management is often an over-looked yet very important part of your business. However it can be the key to cracking the code to taking your business to the next level.

2020-10-29 19:42:01 • 12 minute video

Focus on 'what could be' rather than dwell on 'what could have been.' In this episode, Duncan discusses how, during times of turbulence and volatility, the art and science of being a Financial Advisor is revealed as this isn't just about wealth management, it's more about relationship management.

Important links: Chris Jeppesen and Duncan MacPherson upcoming webinar:

Lavish Cards:

For access to videos, scripts and templates to help you be your clients’ voice of reason check out the Pareto Systems Knowledge Bank:

Idea Decanter:

Pareto Systems:

2020-10-27 20:19:31 • 4 min video

In this video, Duncan discusses the importance of identifying and focusing on your top clients to convert them to advocates and achieve organic growth.

WEBINAR INVITATION: The Main Thing - The one adjustment top advisors are making to fuel growth with Steve Phillips & Duncan MacPherson – Click to register free:

2020-09-22 17:23:55 • 9 min video

Marketing is what you say, branding is what they hear. Join Duncan in this episode of the Blue Square Series as he discusses how your value is more often bought than sold and how branding ultimately impacts someone's ability to come to their own conclusions about the alignment between what you provide and what it is they want.

2020-09-17 17:08:27 • 6 minute video

In this episode of the Blue Square Video Series, Duncan suggests taking this opportunity to work on your own personal and professional development as minor adjustments can lead to major enhancements.

For instant access to videos, scripts and templates to help you refine your client processes check out the Pareto Systems Knowledge Bank:

2020-09-15 18:52:48 • 1 min video

The BPS Network is a community of like-minded advisors who have adopted best practices and have a mindset of stewardship over salesmanship. They are either looking to buy from, partner with, or sell to another advisor.

If you want to learn more and see if the BPS Network is the right fit for you visit:

2020-09-08 14:24:17 • 9 min video

In this episode, Duncan suggests, as one of the silver linings that have come out of 2020, that this is an excellent opportunity for fee-for-service professionals to grow down their business. This will free up your time for the clients who deserve you as opposed to the clients who need you and allow you to shift from broadcasting to the masses to narrowcasting to your most deserving clients where the alignment of interest, now and in the future, is just absolutely ideal.

Complimentary Pareto e-Summit Invitation: “Foresight From 2020 - How to Finish Strong and Build Momentum for 2021” - Sept 24th at 10am ET – REGISTER/MORE INFO:

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