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Proven Strategies Blog

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2020-08-10 • 20 second read

The longer a relationship exists, the more familiar it becomes and the more things can be taken for granted and trivialized. This is especially true in an abstract and turbulent business that focuses on knowledge and intangibles. You have clients today who stay with you because they like and trust you in general terms, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to the steady bombardment of promises made by the advisors trying to lure your clients away. These competitors are throwing the kitchen sink at your clients trying to instill that nagging feeling in their minds that there is a better asset management approach available than the one you are providing now.

Excerpt from The Advisor Playbook:

Need a strategy to competitor-proof your clients?

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2020-08-07 • 20 sec

Make your clients the voice you listen to. Just as importantly, demonstrate that you’re acting on their feedback. Close the feedback loop by continually pointing to any surveys or input you sought from your clients, and show them the actions you’re taking. This takes it from a claim that you’ll be improving the client experience, to your clients actually appreciating the elevation of service.

For more information on how to make your clients the voice you listen to and much more, talk to us about The Pareto Systems:

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2020-08-06 • 6 min audio

Gratitude is the foundation for your goals and aspirations and vision for the future. In this episode Duncan discusses how, as advisors work through the current chaos, there's a golden opportunity to grow down and go upmarket.
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2020-08-05 • 20 sec

When someone gives you the opportunity to explain your value proposition, I want you to ask yourself, “what does this person really want?” How you define yourself shouldn’t address what you do in the literal sense, it should address what the person craves; a relationship with an expert who helps them achieve what they aspire to - financial independence and a greater sense of control.

Learn how to define yourself through our Total Client Engagement Process:

2020-08-04 • 7 min

Gratitude is the foundation for your goals and aspirations and vision for the future.

In this episode Duncan discusses how, as advisors work through the current chaos, there's a golden opportunity to grow down and go upmarket.

Visit the Pareto Systems Knowledge Bank to access videos, scripts and templates that will help you re-focus your business and come out stronger: 

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2020-08-04 • 3 minute read

Is it your fault as an advisor that the markets are volatile and the future is uncertain? Not any more than it’s your fault when autumn becomes winter. Your responsibility, however, is that your clients are prepared for winter, and that it’s not a shock to them when it arrives. However, if your clients tend to refer you only when things are rosy, you have a serious vulnerability in the way that you have positioned yourself. Things do not have to be this way!

If advisors would take a page or two from a profession that has already gone through this brand of disharmony, the dentists in the preceding section being a great example, they would finally have a business where clients can and will refer them regardless of how the markets are doing. This is not a pipe dream. There are advisors who have already integrated these things into their businesses. These advisors have clients who have been taught the doctrine and who are not faked out by volatility. As a result, because their clients’ expectations have been exceeded in the areas that the advisor can control, these advisors are immensely referable 365 days out of the year.

When ‘instant rapport’ takes place at your office and the experience is coupled with a client process where the complexities of financial planning have been simplified and future-paced, clients will embrace your efforts. They will also realize that it would be a disservice not to recommend this five-star service to others they know who are unhappy with their professional advisors.

Through a crystal-clear client process, clients are taught that financial planning is not an event, but a process that involves ongoing interaction with their professional advisor, repeatedly and consistently as their lives and needs unfold.

Like the “dental health” mantra, clients can learn a financial mantra and will deliver it to others just as naturally and eloquently. With this kind of structure, to blame a professional advisor for an occasional or sustained hit to a balanced portfolio would be akin to blaming a dentist for your impacted wisdom tooth. The end result is that the instant rapport and the Client Process are what the clients learn to value in their dealings with the advisor, instead of fixating on the rate of return on their investments.

To those advisors who doubt the veracity of this claim, the number-one piece of feedback I hear from the clients of professional advisors who have embraced this approach of perfecting what they can control and improve on is: “Finally! This is what we’ve been waiting for!” Typically, when affluent prospective clients hear about a superior brand of advisor, they will distance themselves from the transaction-oriented advisor as quickly as possible and gravitate to the full-service advisor.

The bottom line is that everything – every action and reaction – executed by you and your team makes you either more or less referable. Scrutinize everything and create a referable experience so that you can nail down the small changes that makes for major improvement; the processes that sharpen the winning edge.

Continued Success!

Contributed by Duncan MacPherson

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2020-08-03 • 20 second read

One of the most important procedures you can document and refine is that of onboarding new clients. The benefits of starting a new relationship professionally include:

Validation - The new client was probably referred from an existing client or strategic partner. At some point in the future these two people are going to connect and you want the new client to say “Thank you for introducing me to your advisor”. That validation makes you more referable and increases the likelihood that the referrer will do it again.

Contrast - The new client will contrast your client experience to that of their former advisor. Positive contrast solidifies their decision and competitor- proofs them in the future.

Self-motivation – The new client feels so good about their decision that they feel compelled to wave your flag to others. They know how to describe you because the experience is positive, clear and fresh in their minds.

Excerpt from International Best-seller: The Advisor Playbook

Looking for a challenge? Aligned with our philosophies? Check out our Pareto Coaches Network:

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2020-07-31 • 20 second read

The Law of Cause and Effect states that your activities will determine your productivity. If you want your productivity to increase, the first place you should look is the activities you engage in which give you the best return on your investment of time and energy.

Excerpt from The Advisor Playbook

Visit for more daily tips and insights.

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2020-07-30 • 6 min audio

Everything is possible, but virtually nothing is certain. In periods of difficulty we find ourselves lurking. When you have a plan C and you think through all the contingencies, and spend a lot less time worrying. Join Duncan as he discusses the power of plan C and the impact it can have on you and your team when developing your strategy or plans.

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2020-07-29 • 20 second read

Develop a proven strategy for differentiating yourself and elevating how you’re perceived and how you’re described. Go beyond greeting cards, wall décor and act like the Nike Swoosh to create an identity and imprint your value for your clients.

Visit our friends at to discover their stunning images that will symbolize your value:

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