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Pareto Systems is a consulting firm dedicated to knowledge-for-profit professionals. Our practice management and relationship management programs are ideally suited for:
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2019-08-30 • 20 sec

Brand yourself to Business Owners, Professionals, and Executives. Podcast available NOW at the Apple Store and Google Play. This Lightning in a Bottle audio is from a recent consultation I had with one our Blue Square Consulting clients. We talk about his branding and messaging as he moves up market working with business owners, professionals, and executives.

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#practicemanagement #businessdevelopment #branding

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2019-08-30 • 20 second read

Remind people why they should value you beyond rates of return: Your process addresses continuity and succession, family investment legacy - when first-generation earned money becomes second generation found money. Your process addresses that, so just a couple of gentle reminders about some of the core values that you represent, but ensuring that clients never take your value for granted. As Warren Buffet would say, “Price is what you pay, value’s what you get.” Remind your clients of the value of your process - not necessarily what it is and what you do, but what that process does for a client now and in the future as their life unfolds and their needs evolve.

2019-08-29 • 5 min

Brand yourself to Business Owners, Professionals, and Executives.

This Lightning in a Bottle audio is from a recent consultation I had with one of our Blue Square consulting clients. I speak with John about his branding and messaging as he moves up market working with business owners, professionals, and executives. To see hear the full audio, subscribe to our podcast, just look for Duncan MacPherson From-the-Field on Apple Podcasts or Google Play.

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#practicemanagement #businessdevelopment #branding

2019-08-29 • 5 minute video

In this episode of The Blue Square Method, Duncan talks to the importance of engaging partners into the process, rather than referring clients out and how that has a major impact on the client experience.

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2019-08-28 • 20 second read

Look around your office and just assess how it makes your clients feel. What imagery do you have that symbolizes your value? I'm sure you have pictures of your family and milestones that you've achieved and artwork, and that's all great. It says a lot about you, but what is it that you're imprinting in your clients minds that takes the abstract and commoditized nature of your value and makes it conceptual and proprietary?

For artwork for your walls that will reinforce your branding and set you apart from the crowd check out our friends at They actually do much more than just cards, they do gallery style art prints and canvas that will make your walls pop. Click here for full details:

2019-08-27 • 4 min video

Scale your growth and achieve a multiplier to monetize fully.

In this episode Duncan discusses the four cornerstones of the client experience: the onside process, the onboarding process, the ongoing process, and the onwards process to help you shift from fit, and the alignment of interest, to creating contrast and onboarding that client and fast tracking them to advocate status.

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2019-08-26 • 20 second read

Give some consideration to the concept of a client advisory council. It’s an unbelievable bang for the buck in terms of investment of time, money, and effort. Just invite six or eight of your favorite clients to a lunch or a dinner and simply tell them that you take a lot of pride in the client experience you provide, but you know you can always raise the bar. Let them know that they, the clients, are the only critics whose opinions really count - and that you want to make them the voice you listen to.


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2019-08-23 • 20 second read

The law of familiarity is a powerful force that can have clients eventually take you for granted because they're not bought into the entire array of value you provide.

I've had a client recently who has not only done this for the 20 percent of his clients who generate 80 percent of his business, but also for strategic partners. He has many relationships with accountants and lawyers and bankers and other influencers and the problem is they've never really gone from intent to consent and introduced a consistent array of clients to this advisor and his model. Up until now he has primarily been taking them for lunch, had a conversation in which he admitted that he kind of “wandered generally around his value”. He talked about how he helped people and his successes and general things like that.

He's gone back, now, taking them for lunch and reintroduced himself, but instead of wandering generalities he’s used meaningful specifics with all roads leading to his process. He talks about how he's developed and refined a process that puts every piece of the puzzle together and rather than just wanting to refer and create recipe reciprocity with strategic partners, he wants to talk about making introductions and engaging strategic partners into the process so the clients can have a complete picture. And it’s worked. It can for you, too.

2019-08-22 • 5 minute video

I often talk to teams that are bringing on a younger advisor, to fill a role and increase productivity. More often than not, these protégés are very talented, but mentors often leave them to their own devices to figure out their own process and role. In this short video I highlight how you, as a team leader, can play to your strengths as well as your protégé’s, to chart their path to success and make them an indispensable member of the team.

Blog Posting Image
2019-08-21 • 20 second read

Narrowcast instead of broadcast. Set a goal to become the specialist, not a generalist; the specialist for business owners. There are business owners within your client. These clients are going to have continuity and succession and family investment legacy issues – so engineer a process to become indispensable to these clients. From a pure organic target marketing perspective, simply start calling business owners in your town, especially family enterprises and smaller blue collar first generation businesses that are self-made. Don't call them up asking for business - ask them for advice. There's an old saying: "If you ask someone for money, you often get advice. If you ask someone for advice, you often get money."

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