The Pareto System | Coaching for Financial Professionals

Program: The Pareto System

Program Type: 1:1 Coaching

Duration: 12 Months

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What to expect from our process:

  • Professionalize the Client Experience and Run Your Business Like a Business
  • Achieve Consistent Friction-Free Client Acquisition
  • Restore Liberation and Order to Your Life

Ensure Your Clients Have a Meaningful Appreciation for:

  • The People - to ensure relationships are maximized and competitor-proof
  • The Practice - to increase the intrinsic value of your enterprise
  • The Process - to make your value proprietary and conceptual rather than abstract

In the End You Will:

  • De-commoditize so that clients focus on what you're worth, not what you cost
  • De-personalize so that clients are buying into your process, not buying products
  • De-mystify so that clients can articulate your value to others in a compelling way

The Dual Track

The Pareto System is supported by two coaching drivers:

  1. A dedicated practice management coach - to serve as an accountability partner for you and your team as you work through our core linked and sequential implementation process.
  2. Duncan MacPherson - to work with you on strategic planning, communication and branding.

Duration and Time Commitment

12 Month Program with approximately 3-5 hours every two weeks.

Access to Pareto Academy

The program is supported and made actionable by the Pareto Academy, which is an online virtual coaching application that contains additional step-by-step resources for implementing the strategies in each module. Resources include videos, articles, scripts, templates and tools.

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