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Join Duncan MacPherson, CEO of Pareto Systems, in a compelling webinar that lays out a clear, step-by-step roadmap to achieving a work-optional lifestyle in just five years.
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Spotlight On Results - Our Clients Their Success
  • Christian BridgesQuote
    Christian Bridges
    Fort Worth, TX

    Without a doubt, our experience working with Scott Hamilton and Pareto has been Clarity and Scalability.

    We have clarity in how we are implementing our process with clients and as a team. We have one vision, one process and we are all communicating our value to clients and prospects in the same way.

    We also have scalability. We have been able to roll out our process in a very quick and efficient manner. With a well-defined process, our team has been able to roll out new services to our OSJ advisors as well which has already led to new financial planning and retirement plan opportunities.

    We are absolute raving fans of Pareto and are on track to more than double of revenue compared to last year and have seen AUM grow by over 40% in the midst of a pandemic.

  • JustinQuote
    Madison, WI

    We're about 6 months into our engagement with Sherri. The energy she brings to our bi-weekly calls is really refreshing. She works to understand our team and the underlying dynamics of our team structure. We're in the process of classifying our clients and defining our service model. This will provide the framework for the management of our practice going forward. We believe this is the foundation for our team's future success and for that reason, I believe this has been the main thing thus far.

    We have all bought into the Pareto process and trust that we'll address other areas of concern in the near future. Looking forward to our continued partnership with Sherri and Pareto!

  • Keith WallaceQuote
    Keith Wallace
    Dallas, TX
    My response would be "validation" that my team and I are on the right path. Additionally I have confidence that the "concepts, practices and messaging" I am learning from Pareto, Duncan and Terry if properly applied will raise the standard of our client care as well as provide us with greater opportunities to receive client introductions.
  • Shane BorthwickQuote
    Shane Borthwick
    Breadalbane NB

    Process drives performance.

Spotlight on Client Videos
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