How to Attract Business Owners
Includes Q&A - with Duncan
Thursday, May 19th at 12 pm ET
Many Advisors focus on developing relationships with business owners as they are a natural fit and considered ideal clients. In fact, these clients are not unlike you, they have a similar mindset, are entrepreneurial and devoted to the enterprise value of their business.
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Marci Fried
Business Consultant and Speaker
Scott Hamilton
Business Consultant and Speaker
Elaine Christakos
Business Consultant
Terry Gronbeck-Jones
Business Consultant
Steve Phillips
Speaker, Business Consultant and Brand Consultant
Duncan MacPherson
Speaker, Author and Business Consultant
Sherri Palle
Business Consultant
Aaron Grady
Business Consultant
Bridget Vanyo
Business Consultant
Mike "Cy" Cajthaml Jr.
Business Consultant
Jeff Ambrose
Business Consultant

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