Smooth Move:
Mastering the Transition When Switching Financial Advisor Firms
Includes Q&A
Tuesday, April 23rd at 12 pm ET
Considering a Move to a New Financial Advisor Firm? This webinar is designed for financial advisors contemplating or navigating a firm transition. Industry veteran Duncan MacPherson, CEO of Pareto Systems, will guide you through the key considerations for a smooth transition for you and your clients.
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Mike "Cy" Cajthaml Jr.

Mike "Cy" Cajthaml Jr. has distinguished himself in the financial services industry over a remarkable 17-year career, marked by his vibrant and effective leadership style. He's deeply committed to enhancing business and practice management strategies, always focusing on the achievement of his clients' goals.

Mike's career in the financial service industry was initiated at a major insurance-marketing organization, where he played a pivotal role in advising financial advisors nationwide on product solutions and marketing strategies. This experience was instrumental in introducing him to Pareto Systems, laying the foundation for his expertise in the Pareto Process.

After dedicating six years to advising and coaching in the financial realm, Mike transitioned to become a financial advisor, collaborating with his father in Overland Park, KS. Their partnership managed substantial asset portfolios, leveraging a variety of insurance products. Mike's firsthand experience with the Pareto Process, coupled with his insights from working with successful financial advisory firms, reinforced his belief in its transformative impact.

Driven by his conviction in the Pareto Process, Mike embraced the role of a Pareto coach. His unique blend of wholesale and retail experience empowers him to assist numerous advisory firms in integrating these processes, ultimately enabling advisors to realize their ideal lifestyle.

More About Mike "Cy" Cajthaml Jr.

Mike lives in Overland Park, KS with his wife Ashley and their two sons, Cameron and Carson. When not guiding advisors, he enjoys golfing with a good cigar. A Marquette University alumnus, he enjoys returning to Milwaukee for basketball games and is an avid Chicago Bears fan, reflecting his Northern Illinois upbringing.

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