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Mike "Cy" Cajthaml Sr.

Mike "Cy" Cajthaml, Sr.., CFP, ChFC, CLU has been in the financial services industry for 36 years. The majority of those years Cy served as a Financial Advisor to families on a one-to-one basis. For a time period Cy also worked within a large Independent Marketing Organization heading up a specialty area training and consulting top advisors from around the country. In 2007 Cy appeared on the front cover of "Senior Market Advisor" magazine while vying among four others for their prestigious "Advisor of the Year" recognition.

Cy started his business career as a commercial artist doing hand pinstriping, sign painting and airbrush work on vans and motorcycles. But, after 14 years, his system could no longer deal with the exposure to the chemicals and ventured into the world of insurance and investments... and here he is these many years later

Cy brings his experience and expertise to his role as a Certified Coach with Pareto Systems. He'll help you to develop, refine and deliver a process that will unlock your full potential both personally and professionally. "Let's turn your best practices into proprietary intellectual property that can be replicated over and over again making your business 'franchise ready'".

More About Mike "Cy" Cajthaml Sr.

Cy lives in Overland Park, Kansas and is enjoying a marriage of 44 years with his wife Debbie. They both grew up in McHenry, Illinois where they were married and had been blessed with a son, Mike Jr. Mike Jr. met a wonderful gal named Ashley while they both attended Marquette University and since have had two sons. Cy says, "These two Grandsons are the absolute light of my life".

When not working Cy enjoys puttering around in the yard and when he can, will go golfing with his Son and friends and smoke fine cigars. For exercise, he enjoys walking with his wife or taking the occasional bike ride.

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