4 Steps to Building
Your Dream Team
Includes Q&A
Tuesday, May 21st at 12 pm ET
Join Duncan MacPherson for an insightful webinar on the dynamics of forming and developing high-performance teams. Based on the acclaimed Tuckman's Model, this session will explore the essential stages of team development: Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing.
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WEBINAR: Developing a Professional Referral Network in 2024
2024-03-11 • 20 second read

On Tuesday, March 26th at 12:00 PM ET we invite you to unlock the secrets to building a thriving professional referral network with Pareto Systems. Many advisors struggle to consistently secure referrals from influential professionals and rainmakers outside their client base. In this dynamic webinar, Duncan MacPherson, a renowned Client Acquisition Expert, will unveil proven strategies not just to enhance your relationships with these key individuals but also to create a mutual pathway for introductions.

Join us to discover how to:

  • Transform your referral approach into a value-added service for both your clients and partners.
  • Clearly define and effectively communicate your unique process to strategic partners, distinguishing you from the competition.
  • Become the advisor of choice by highlighting your distinct value proposition.
  • Cultivate a rewarding and sustainable partnership experience that keeps strategic partners continuously engaged and enthusiastic about collaborating with you.

This webinar will include a live Q&A with Duncan MacPherson. You can ask your questions live, or enter one when you register here: paretosystems.com/webinars

Can't make it, but don't want to miss out? Don't worry, register now and ask your question, and we will give you access to the recording following the broadcast.

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