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The Language of Referrals - NEW PODCAST Ep 57
2024-04-25 • 20 second read

The Language of Referrals with Bill Cates - Always On with Duncan MacPherson, Ep. 57

Does asking for referrals make you feel like you're being needy? Are you afraid of hurting your existing relationships with clients and COIs?

When asking for referrals, your words matter!

Catch Duncan MacPherson's conversation with Bill Cates, Referral Coach and author of "The Language of Referrals," about the art of being referable and mastering the concept of introductions with professionalism and stewardship. They highlight the biggest barriers to referrals and how to overcome them by using the right language.

They also discuss:

  • Subtle word choices that have a profound impact on your referability
  • How to attract more of your "ideal clients"
  • How to build trust with centers of influence
  • Sample scripts and power phrases that you can instantly apply to your conversations
  • And more

Stream the new episode of Always On by clicking here: paretosys.co/AODM_ep57

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this episode or answer any follow-up questions. Please feel free to reach out!

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