Smooth Move:
Mastering the Transition When Switching Financial Advisor Firms
Includes Q&A
Tuesday, April 23rd at 12 pm ET
Considering a Move to a New Financial Advisor Firm? This webinar is designed for financial advisors contemplating or navigating a firm transition. Industry veteran Duncan MacPherson, CEO of Pareto Systems, will guide you through the key considerations for a smooth transition for you and your clients.
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AI Marketing Tools for Advisors
2024-03-25 • 4 min video

Struggling with writer's block and wasting time on notes? Discover how Financial Advisors are using AI to write content, summarize meetings, and boost efficiency. Watch to learn how ChatGPT and AI can transform your practice!

This is an excerpt from episode 55 of the "Always On with Duncan MacPherson" podcast featuring Seth Diener, owner of Diener Money Management, and Alex Lerch, director of Oak & Stone Advisor Marketing.

Stream the new episode "The Future of Branding and Client Acquisition" by clicking here:

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