From Advisor to CEO
Includes Q&A - with Duncan
Tuesday, December 13th at 12 pm ET
There is a shift happening right now, where advisors are dusting off old habits and mindsets, and achieving new levels of growth. Join Duncan MacPherson, in this actionable webinar, as he discusses his experiences with advisors transitioning from their traditional role to CEO.
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Webinar Replay: The Sweet Spot between Client Service and Client Experience
2022-11-23 • 20 second read

A Pareto + AdvisorStream Event

How can you put more sand in your hourglass? And at the same time elevate the client experience? In this webinar, Duncan is joined by special guest Kevin Mulhern, co-founder of Advisor Stream, as they show you how to provide relevant timely content that your clients will actually find of value.

If you are not just a Needs-based planner, but a Goals-based planner, how do you stay top of mind in a world with so much noise? How do you build a presence in online communication that instills confidence in your personal brand? How do you use process and automation to incorporate content that is personalized for your very best clients, prospective clients and strategic partners?

During this session, learn exactly how to:

  • Be perceived even more as a Goals-Based Planner to your clients
  • Achieve total client engagement in all channels of communication
  • Competitor proof clients with amazing personalized content
  • Incorporate a proven-driven content tool, like Advisor Stream, in your business to save you time and dramatically increase your current client experience

Watch the replay of Duncan and Kevin’s informative Go-to-Webinar webcast by clicking here:

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