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Document Your Onboarding Process
2020-08-03 • 20 second read

One of the most important procedures you can document and refine is that of onboarding new clients. The benefits of starting a new relationship professionally include:

Validation - The new client was probably referred from an existing client or strategic partner. At some point in the future these two people are going to connect and you want the new client to say “Thank you for introducing me to your advisor”. That validation makes you more referable and increases the likelihood that the referrer will do it again.

Contrast - The new client will contrast your client experience to that of their former advisor. Positive contrast solidifies their decision and competitor- proofs them in the future.

Self-motivation – The new client feels so good about their decision that they feel compelled to wave your flag to others. They know how to describe you because the experience is positive, clear and fresh in their minds.

Excerpt from International Best-seller: The Advisor Playbook

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