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Decommoditize Your Value
2022-10-12 • 20 second read

Do you have too many households or clients to serve? Do you have too many holdings or products to keep track of properly? Have you diluted your brand by offering too many individual solutions versus building them into a panoramic, all-encompassing and proprietary process? Clients can become numb to complexity. Your value proposition has to be clear and intuitive. The goal is to constantly find ways to decommoditize your value, so that clients focus on what you are worth rather than what you cost. We’ll talk more about the concepts of right-sizing clients and reallocating clients to more suitable models throughout this book. The point is to expand your thinking beyond the way your competitors view themselves and deliver their solutions.

This is an excerpt from the newly released book The Blue Square Method that Duncan MacPherson wrote with co-author Chris Jeppesen. Download Chapter for free now at: thebluesquaremethod.com

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