From Advisor to CEO
Includes Q&A - with Duncan
Tuesday, December 13th at 12 pm ET
There is a shift happening right now, where advisors are dusting off old habits and mindsets, and achieving new levels of growth. Join Duncan MacPherson, in this actionable webinar, as he discusses his experiences with advisors transitioning from their traditional role to CEO.
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When the world starts to also appreciate your practice and your process...
2022-08-31 • 20 sec

When the world starts to also appreciate your practice and your process, the professional contrast that builds predisposition for advocacy grows dramatically. Call them evangelists, raving fans or cheerleaders - the bottom line is people start going out of their way to introduce people to you. Make no mistake, we will never trivialize your qualities, skills and intentions as a person - just remember, those aren’t proprietary. Your best practices and your panoramic process are. As a result, because of increased advocacy, you are essentially making money while you sleep.

This is an excerpt of Duncan MacPherson and Chris Jeppesen’s newly released book: The Blue Square Method. Download Chapter 1 for free now at:

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