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The best are forever improving but rarely swinging for the fences.
2022-08-17 • 20 second read

Because top performers are busy, some tend to drift into patterns and either put off or forget to work on themselves. When it comes to change, some are reluctant because they feel that disruption is risky. Keep in mind, the best are forever improving but rarely swinging for the fences. World class golfer Justin Rose has a great mindset. He would say “I don’t try to find one thing and improve it by 10%, I want to find 10 things I can improve by 1%”. He is a serious student and has immense respect for his coaches. He knows that his swing coach could never beat him at a round of golf but he finds the coach’s insights and observations to be invaluable. The key is, he doesn’t just work on his game. He also focuses on stretching, meditation, nutrition, strength, critical thinking, mental toughness, endurance and many other “soft skills” - all of which contribute in small but meaningful ways.

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