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Activate Professional Contrast
2022-09-16 • 20 second read

The best way to start a relationship is through a fit process, not a sales process. You’re not trying to convince a prospective client to take action, you’re trying to activate professional contrast and let them come to their own conclusion that your combination of people, practice and process is an upgrade from their current situation - or any other option. Ironically, it is common that using a fit process will prompt a prospective client to try to close you – they interrupt you halfway through the meeting saying, “You know what, I’ve heard enough. I just want to get started.” You’re not convincing them, they are trying to convince you there is a good fit. You’ve undoubtedly had that happen before. The stars just lined up beautifully. It was the perfect synchronicity of professional scarcity and professional contrast. You projected no pressure or need and yet you were able to convey that no one else was better suited for the client. The point is, that can be engineered – it’s by design, not by luck or by chance.

This is an excerpt from the newly released book The Blue Square Method that Duncan MacPherson wrote with co-author Chris Jeppesen. Download Chapter for free now at: thebluesquaremethod.com

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