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What's important to you - your FORM goals
2018-03-14 • 20 second read

Undoubtedly you have an agenda and on that agenda is probably a bullet that says "What's important to you?" Well, this is where you ask a prospective client where they see themselves, what are their goals, and what are they trying to accomplish?

It's a great interaction, but of course it's what every financial advisor does. But why swim in that pool of sameness? Instead, have it read "what's important to you - your FORM goals.” F.O.R.M is an acronym for family, occupation, recreation, and money. When you say to a prospective client that part of our process is to understand what really matters to our clients, and then you write out the acronym FORM and ask them specifically for the goals around family investment legacy, continuity and succession you begin to make it real and personal.

That's why financial independence matters. Financial independence – money - is a means to those ends. Clients can internalize that and lock it down and it makes you unique. By differentiating, you elevate yourself. Does this post resonate with you?

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