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Foresight From 2020 e-Summit
How to Finish Strong and Build Momentum for 2021
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Foresight From 2020 e-Summit - September 24th, 2020 - Starting at 10 am ET
Join Duncan MacPherson, the Pareto Team, and other leading industry experts in a full-day virtual practice management summit as they discuss the best in the industry are doing to finish strong in 2020 and position themselves for a breakthrough in 2021.
  • Learn what top professionals are doing right now
  • Create your strategic plan for 2021
  • Refine and optimize your business to create efficiency and capacity
*Please note, we will be broadcasting the summit via YouTube

Foresight From 2020 e-Summit Speaker Line Up:

Duncan MacPherson
Duncan MacPherson
CEO Pareto Systems
Speaker | Business Coach |Best-Selling Author

Foresight From 2020

Q4 is the perfect time to finish the year with a bang and then fast track success in the New Year. In advance of Q4, this session will highlight three key steps financial professionals should take to maximize their client relationships and position their businesses for a strong and profitable final quarter of 2020, and for a great start to 2021. Each of the strategies is easy to implement and translate into results quickly and predictably. Duncan will walk you through a proven process that will ensure you can:

  • Competitor Proof Your Clients
  • Maximize Existing Relationships
  • Generate More Referrals

Here We Grow Again

A Panel discussion with two elite teams who have taken their business's to new heights. Hear two unique approaches to their growth vision for 2021, including both organic growth and through a scalable, acquisition based growth strategy. Marci Fried, Certified Pareto Business Consultant, will lead this conversation and dive into what specifically these two top teams are doing to achieve success through their strategic approach.

Marci Fried
Marci Fried
Certified Pareto Business Advisor | Speaker
Ted Jenkin
Ted Jenkin
CEO, oXYGen Financial

5 Lead Generation Techniques to Add 10MM of AUM in 2021

In the new world of COVID-19, prospects and clients have gone 100% virtual. Did you ever wonder how the Kardashians became billionaires? HINT: it has nothing to do with Ray Jay. There are 5 techniques that you can use now to finish strong with AUM in 2020 and more importantly position yourself for a powerhouse year in 2021.


Successful Targeted Communication

Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment.

In this session we will explore:

  • What are the dominant behavioral styles
  • How can my knowledge of these styles enhance my communication with others - clients and team members alike
  • What can I do to modify my behavior to better connect with others
  • How can my team function at an even higher level with enhanced communication strategies
  • How can I hire better, knowing where our communication strengths and gaps may be
Elaine Christakos
Elaine Christakos
Certified Pareto Business Advisor
Aaron Hasler
Aaron Hasler
Managing Partner, Skyview Partners

Duncan interviews Aaron on key strategies to Scalable Growth

Aaron brings 19 years of industry experience, focusing exclusively on advisory practice mergers and acquisitions consulting in the wealth management industry. Prior to SkyView, Aaron founded an M&A Consulting and executive recruiting firm, Northrop Consulting, providing sell-side representation to wealth management firms wherein he developed a strategy entitled Generational Partnerships to promote long-range succession planning with short term growth, and fueled the industry with talent through executive and experienced employee advisor recruiting.


Marketing to a Niche or Target Market

Scott Hamilton is a long-time professional consultant and business advisor as well as the builder of a successful estate and tax practice and a nationally known Wealth Strategies Firm.

He now devotes much of his professional time to a select group of financial Advisors. His coaching clients now range from smaller boutique practices to a large multi-advisor RIA firm with over $2 Billion in assets under management.

Scott Hamilton
Scott Hamilton
Certified Pareto Business Consultant | Speaker
Laura Garfield and Sharon Gottula
Sharon Gottula & Laura Garfield
Co-founders of Idea Decanter

Video Marketing: How to Get Recording & Start Converting Leads to Clients

Video can help you get more leads booked. And when you use it the right way, you can convert those prospects to clients, then turn those clients into a great source for more referrals. Are you ready to kick start your video marketing strategy? Idea Decanter co-founders Laura Garfield & Sharon Gottula will share:

  • Their top scripting tips
  • Tried and true gear recommendations
  • How to prepare for you shoot
  • The secret to the right setup for recording

Your Brand as a Voice of Reason in 2021

With the uncertainty we have seen this year and with that continuing into Q4, it's more important than ever that your clients understand and appreciate your value and look to you as the voice of reason. Your messaging and branding strategy are key factors in this. In this fast-paced session, Steve Phillips CEO of Advisor Protocol will walk you through a proven process that should be the corner stone to your branding strategy. If you do you one thing this year to enter 2021 with momentum, it's this.

Steve Phillips
Steve Phillips
CEO and Founder of Advisor Protocol
Terri Gronbeck-Jones
Terry Gronbeck-Jones
Certified Pareto Business Consultant
Sherri Palle
Sherri Palle
Certified Pareto Business Consultant

Referable Moments

The little things are the big things.

For many years now, Sherri and Terry have coached elite advisory teams on how to provide an exceptional client experience. In this session, Sherri and Terry share some of their favorite standout examples that showcase how top teams have gone above and beyond what's expected by expertly utilizing FORM information, Moments of Truth, Annual Anchors and more. These proven strategies should be a key component to your Q4 and 2021 strategic plans.

*More speakers and full Agenda will be updated here soon, so check back often

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