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The Two-Way Street
2019-08-23 • 20 second read

The law of familiarity is a powerful force that can have clients eventually take you for granted because they're not bought into the entire array of value you provide.

I've had a client recently who has not only done this for the 20 percent of his clients who generate 80 percent of his business, but also for strategic partners. He has many relationships with accountants and lawyers and bankers and other influencers and the problem is they've never really gone from intent to consent and introduced a consistent array of clients to this advisor and his model. Up until now he has primarily been taking them for lunch, had a conversation in which he admitted that he kind of “wandered generally around his value”. He talked about how he helped people and his successes and general things like that.

He's gone back, now, taking them for lunch and reintroduced himself, but instead of wandering generalities he’s used meaningful specifics with all roads leading to his process. He talks about how he's developed and refined a process that puts every piece of the puzzle together and rather than just wanting to refer and create recipe reciprocity with strategic partners, he wants to talk about making introductions and engaging strategic partners into the process so the clients can have a complete picture. And it’s worked. It can for you, too.

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