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Consistency Breeds Confidence
2019-05-06 • 20 second read

Here's a great story by Elaine Christakos I just have to share:

A team I work with was asking about a prospective client. This was the first time they had gone through the entire Pareto process when starting a new client relationship. They sent the intro kit, had the fit meeting and sent them away from the initial meeting saying they had to talk over the situation and determine whether or not they thought they would be a good fit.

48 hours later, the Advisor called the client and said “we looked over your goals, and discussed your situation, and we think you would be a great fit for us.”

The potential client’s response “Great, thank you, I think we would be a good fit too. I can’t wait to call my wife and tell her the good news!”

The potential client’s investable assets? $14 million.

The Advisor later told me “I have been in this business for over 30 years, but I have never felt confident with a prospective client of over $5 million, and I have never even had the opportunity to work with a client of $14 million. Having this process has given me the confidence to present and show my value to anyone – regardless of investable assets.”

Knowing that they are following a proven process, and have offerings for all levels of clients, has given him the confidence to up his game and take his business to the next level.

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